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We specialize in full project restoration including any structural and aesthetic components of the building, decks, fences and trim work.

Often times repairing the affected area destroyed by termites eliminates the need for whole house tenting saving our customers thousands of dollars not to mention the exposure to chemicals, broken roof tiles, having to vacate the property and other tenting headaches.

We use a specially developed process of filling the affected wood and killing the fungus and termites, enabling us to minimize replacement and saving our customers thousands of dollars on average. Let the painters paint, the termite companies kill the termites, but let San Diego Wood Rot Repair and our team of qualified technicians do the repair work.

2945 Kalmia St.

San Diego, CA 92104

A Division Of John Burke Construction Inc.

That Specializes In Residential & Commercial
Wood Rot Repair & Termite Repair.